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Why Instant Film?

Not only is instant film a unique and creative way to throw some personality into your wedding, but it's also just plain fun!  Simple as that.  Let us create a "vintage vibe" on your big day, and show off your photos to your guests when they arrive!

White Brick Wall


Choose A Camera

We offer two different types of instant film cameras.  One takes wide images for the big, family moments.  Another takes mini images for more personal, sincere memories.



Pick A Moment

You choose when, and what you'd like us to capture!  Whether it's the first look with that special someone, or the entire bridal party cheering you both on for another kiss!


Instantly Capture The Fun

At the end of the day, we'll pack up the photos into a mini photo book for you and your loved one to organize and enjoy that very same night!


Pricing & Packages

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